Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I love: A list

This is a list of various things that I love RIGHT THIS SECOND!

Holding hands! I think its so special and it makes me feel loved :)

Liberty of london prints!

France! and anything French!

Folk music

L. Frank Baum, his writing, and the illustrations from the original books

Birds. I'd never keep one in a cage but I just love them

Very decorated walls, I'm visual, I like to have lots to look at and I really don't like white space...

Dancing, where ever, whenever, all the time. its fun and you can't help but smile :)

Passion! and passion that comes from a deep love

Tea! Oh man I love a hot cup of tea, and also because of this picture, a hot cup of tea and some vogue

Jason Robert Brown. incredible.

James Stewart!

Inspiring, original artwork. This is a piece done by Elsie Flannigan.

Beautiful vintage dresses. (I collect them, this is actually one from my personal collection)

Color me Katie.

Cigarettes. oh so delicious and oh so bad for me.....vices

Boats, mainly just models of them, I love things with lots of detail.

Old books, I love the character of them, the smell, the feel, and emotion they exude.

very elegant, well done tattoos.



there's so much more to things I love, because I love so much and see so much beauty in everything.

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