Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things I love: Maps

I love maps, I love how elegant they look, and how many creative things they can be used for, globes as well. They inspire me, to create beautiful things and to travel. More then most other things in my life I long to travel the world, meet all the people, and see all the different culture. I love the lines and the ability to see humanity's work in civilizing the world, how simple a map seems and yet how complex it is, how they can make us feel so tiny and so found, American's fear the unknown, and thus we created maps, so we always know where we are headed and how we should get there.

My Bathing Suit

So I have an appointment on May 15th to get my first hip tattoo! (I have 7 other tattoos, and I will do a tattoo post soon) But I didnt want to wear my underwear for it because of the size it would be so much easier to get a tie bottom bikini, and I have never really bought a bikini before due to self consciousness, I also don't swim enough to really need a bathing suit, but I wanted to develop that confidence in my physical appearance. So I set out on the hunt for a two piece bathing suit that really suited me, and fit my style and budget, and I finally found this one, its so brightly colored, I like the cut, it works for its purpose, and it was in my price range!

and even better then that, its reversible!!!!!!! twice as nice! I got it at Target!

I plan to use this purchase as an excuse to actually show off my tattoos, and maybe even go to the beach this summer!

Favorite movies part 4

An American in Paris.
I lovelovelove this musical. the lyrics, the composition of the music, and visual aspects of it. Not to mention my adoration of Gene Kelly and his choreographing abilities. The acting is flawless and its just such a romantic movie, but really, its about a painter in Paris who falls in love, how could I NOT fall in love with this movie.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm in an visually emotional place today

A Night to Remember

these two pictures sum up my night almost perfectly.

pile of books, world's smartest man who procrastinated, my awesome new mint muckaluck from Joshua Tree, and a very strong sense of devotion.

His face says it all "I've been up for like...30 hours...and my mind has had to work its hardest during all of them, I;m exhausted." But I'm still so proud of him! and I've had my own Amarie fun throughout the night and morning, involving watching An American in Paris, blogging more then I ever have, listening to some amazingly inspiring music, drawing, dancing in denny's parking lots etc.

yay go my Matty!

Things I love: Rainbows

its no secret that I love colors, so much so that I find it hard to pick a favorite color at any given point in time, I love them all for the different emotions they evoke and the different memories they force into my mind. So I love rainbows, because I can see many beautiful and drastically different colors, but they flow so well and connect with such harmony that it works. They're significant and inspiring.