Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 13 Someone you wish could forgive you

Dear All I've caused pain or hurt,

I know in all situations of my life I've felt sorry for ever causing someone pain or hurt or even inconvenience. I would hope that everyone out there would be able to forgive me even if it takes time. I have been through a good amount of hurt caused by others and have been able to forgive them and I hope the same would go for you, I love and care about you whoever you are and whatever walk of life you are in.

Love, Amarie

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Secrets secrets everywhere
and not an eye to see
I'll hold your hand you hold the mirror
to see what this will be.

Catch 22.

Picture of the Day

My computer crashed a couple months ago and I lost all progress with my pictures a day, and then my camera broke so I guess I just gave up on it. A few days ago I realized how much I enjoyed doing it and started up again. here are all the ones I have so far:






Day 12 The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain


I don't hate you, despite all the pain you've caused me, and the stumbling blocks you've presented in my life. I know I've overcome them now, and have positively moved past all that happened. I don't hold any animosity towards you so you don't have that power over me anymore. I forgive you for it all, as angry as you still are. You need to move on to be happy and I wish you could see that but you always were obstinate.....
Stop trying to sabotage all your opportunities for happiness and a good life, you know you deserve better then how you treat yourself. I hope you grow up and figure your world out in the process. I wish you all the best in any endeavors that come your way, whether self-created or otherwise.


Day 11 A deceased person you wish you could talk to

Dear Bud,

I really miss you more and differently as time goes on. There are so many moments I experience where I stop and think how much fun you'd have or how excited I would be to tell you about it. There are so many issues that come up in my life both academically and spiritually that I wish I had you to council me on, you were always the wisest most well read person I knew. It makes me sad that I cant introduce you to all these wonderful new people in my life, but I know you really are in a better place. Yo and Ben miss you more then anyone else, and its good to have people to reminisce with. I just have to keep thinking and believing that you can see everything from where you are now, and that you're continuing to watch me grow. I miss you and I love you.

Love, Amarie