Sunday, April 4, 2010

I want to move to France

I love Europe, I have yet to visit, but I'm dying to go. I long to see the art, meet the people, eat the food, experience the culture, everything!
and more then any other place I want to go to France, I love everything french! I'm so jealous of anyone who has had the opportunity to visit or live in France and someday I'll make my dream come true, and pack my bags and grab my Darling and head out

For the pretty fashion!

Hot Air balloons!

The scenery!

The sweets!
The amazing films!
cute boys, te he!
They had Bridgette Bardot! and I adore her!
French toast :)

Many places to visit!

A place to find amazing books

and the world's best cigarettes!

I think I'd do alright in France, I hear the people can be rude, but I think I'm chipper enough for it to even out! and as for he language, well.... I took 5 years of french but that was like a decade ago, so I'd need some brushing up before we go, maybe Jessalyn can help....

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