Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Bathing Suit

So I have an appointment on May 15th to get my first hip tattoo! (I have 7 other tattoos, and I will do a tattoo post soon) But I didnt want to wear my underwear for it because of the size it would be so much easier to get a tie bottom bikini, and I have never really bought a bikini before due to self consciousness, I also don't swim enough to really need a bathing suit, but I wanted to develop that confidence in my physical appearance. So I set out on the hunt for a two piece bathing suit that really suited me, and fit my style and budget, and I finally found this one, its so brightly colored, I like the cut, it works for its purpose, and it was in my price range!

and even better then that, its reversible!!!!!!! twice as nice! I got it at Target!

I plan to use this purchase as an excuse to actually show off my tattoos, and maybe even go to the beach this summer!

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