Monday, April 26, 2010

My Dream Wedding

Like any die-hard romantic (though it be a new thing for me) I like to day dream about my future wedding, and all the little things I want it to incorporate, I have the vision in my head, and the people I want to surround myself with, and luckily some visual inspiration to aid that dream.

The first part being the groom (of course) a man I will love forever and completely devote myself to, my best friend and my soulmate.

Fun photography, I wish there were two of me on my wedding day, I would love to take my own photographs, so I'll need to find someone with an equally happy eye to take some fun, silly, and loving pictures.

Beautiful place settings

I love this fun wooden sign, and the outdoorsyness of it, I'm pretty 100% sure I want an outdoors wedding, or at least most of if to be outside...

I want a super simple vintage inspired ring, I however, do not like diamonds, my dream ring has a sapphire as the main stone.

I love this tree, this particular setting is much too formal for me, I want a more laid back atmosphere

like an amazingly elegant table that still feels very welcoming to all guests

I love the vintage bride look
and who says my wedding dress can't be Princess Leia inspired?

I know for a fact I want my bridesmaids to each pick their own vintage dress, they don't have to match, and I love this picture for that, because then each dress symbolizes that person's individualism, and thats what I value in them in my life

however, I love the idea of matching clutches, maybe it will be my gift to them :)

Maps as wrapping paper, I know its not super wedding specific, but it was too beautiful to not share.

I think they have such a romantic story, and this picture is amazing :)

I LOVE this dress

BUT, this is more accurately my dream dress (I'll probably end up with something slightly less formal feeling, and definitely no heels)

ohhhh funny face.....

mmm this table is magical, it feels as if it's in the middle of nowhere, but with all the right people surrounding it, it would be perfection.

If you know me, you know how much I love putting giant hairpieces in my hair, so of course my wedding day outfit will reflect that

this cake is just flawlessly awesome, top two for sure.

I have never been a big live cut flower girl, they make me so sad when they die, I prefer my flowers in the ground where they belong, so my girls are going to carry some sort of handmade bouquets that will last forever

This right here is my number ONE dream cake, its beautiful, inspired by one of my favorite paintings, and art means so much to me in life that this cake is instantly perfect

My groomsmen should be vintage inspired as well I believe! and same story as with my bridesmaid bouquets, I want them to last

This is my dream bouquet, and I've already got a head start on the vintage pins

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