Saturday, January 30, 2010

The first thing I've ever won!

I love to enter giveaways and contests, but I never win, its still fun to see what people was to give others, I can always tell its the things they are most proud of :) anywho, I digress, I WON SOMETHING! what makes this better is that it was a give away from OzmaOfOdds , I have an affinity for loving her and her blog, I might as well say it, I LOVE the original Oz books, and Ozma is my favorite character, I'm even getting her portrait tattooed on my arm soon :) so the fact that this blog is suuuper duuper cute and her name is from the fairy girl princess of OZ just makes me love her more! but she did a sweet little give away and picked me as the winner!!! I feel so special!!! Thank you my fellow OZ lover!

I won some yuuuuummy looking candies, AND a pretty pretty slip like this one:


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