Monday, January 25, 2010

Picture a day

I've been doing this picture a day thing for 49 days right now, and I'm thinking I'll post some every now and then, I personally don't think I'm a photogenic person so I rarely took pictures of myself, and I wanted my new years resolution (one of them) to be to change that, so I've been taking a picture of me each day, and I did start a little early (December 8th I believe) so here are a few of ones in the past, just to get caught up to date

December 8th

December 10th

December 12th

December 24th

January 11th

January 16th

January 24th

I encourage everyone to try Picture a day, it kinda forces you to dress up a little bit and try to feel pretty, I think my fashion sense has greatly improved since I started this little project :)

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