Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting painting.

I started painting when I was 9. My mom took me to a frame shop to get something framed and I was wandering around and noticed there were a bunch of people painting in the back room. This nice man named Ed gave me a tour and I was very taken by this boy who was building a robot out of boxes, so my mom signed me up to be a part of the studio, Ed really took me under his wing and let my creative juices flow, I took apart old computers and old frames and got really into making 3d art and sculptures. One day he asked me if I wanted to try out oil painting and I said sure!

This was my first oil painting I ever did, I was 9 years old and loved it! since then I've done about a hundred paintings, ranging from abstract to pop art to whatever popped into my head.
(I was about 13 when I painted this one)

It relaxes me a lot to just sit down, put on some good music and paint what comes to my brain, but I do have a chronic habit of rarely finishing paintings I start lately,

This is one I just started tonight, I actually kind of like it at this stage so I may declare it finished already.

My favorite art project to this day is a large scale pop art piece I did in High school, based off the simpsons donut, made with old bed sheets, hair curlers, house paint and a LOT of gesso.

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