Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Introductions,

My life is full of re-occurring characters who mean a lot to me, let me introduce a few,

This is Erin, one of my lovely roommates and best friend of more years then I can count, she sews and crafts more then she knows :)

The beautiful and stylish B, another roomie of mine who has devilish good style, shes from Washington so her cool factor is incredibly high :)

My faithful partner in crime, Chelsbells, we can craft up a storm, and love to do so, shes always down for a good thrift or rummage sale and our adventures are always exciting

Last but not least, my biggest influence for me as an artist was being brought up by my father, who is incredibly creative, and an artist himself, he is my hero and is always an inspiration when I'm feeling lost

Just a few of my favorite people :)

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