Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 4 My Sibling

Dear Andy,

You were my best friend growing up, I want to be you so badly, I thought you were the coolest thing ever. I always looked up to you and I will continue to do so. You've always set a good example for me and even when you mess up and make mistakes I learn from them. Brother, you're a great guy, with many talents, and I'm so proud of you, for graduating, for pursuing a career that I know you'll love, and following your heart. I am so sorry we don't cross paths as much anymore and that our lives are so busy we have trouble finding time to even talk, I miss you so much but I know we will see each other soon. Don't get into too much trouble, and try not to break too many hearts even though we both know that Grindstaff charm makes us irresistible.

Love, Ames

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