Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 7 Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

My Dearest Anonymous Darling,

I have considered you one of my best friends since that first magical night when we talked forever, despite the depressing topic and incidence that brought us together. Our lives seem to rarely cross paths anymore, and it makes even phone calls difficult to accomplish. I miss you more then you know, I miss the days when I saw you daily, walked with you daily, and ate with you daily. It was so simple then, being so close took almost no effort, as if we were meant to always be there for each other. I am trying and I know you are too, to never loose what we have, even when outside factors try to tear us apart. We are stronger than them, what we have is more powerful and lasting. If I could I'd see you everyday and be content, and maybe someday we'll be back to that place. We've been through so many other tough times before and availed and this is no different. I love you deeply and dearly and I always will, no matter what and you know that with all your heart.
May your life continue to bring you happiness and I hope you continue to surround yourself with happy smiley infectious people (you once referred to me as one of those)
I miss you and will never forget all you've done for me.

with all the love I posses,
Your Forever Best Friend

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