Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6 A Stranger

Dear You,

Take your time, don't make hasty decisions. Decide now who you want to rule your world, your heart or your mind, because, baby, it makes all the difference. Escapism only helps in the short run of things, your problems can always seem to run as fast or faster then you and they're masters at hide and go seek.
Look to the people left and right, we shouldn't look for a change in the sky. It's a life we share, we must dispel that illusion here. The biggest step and the hardest stretch is to find the peace within ourselves... Sometimes, loving a person isn't enough to make a relationship work, trust me, I've lived a few examples. If you get to know me I promise I'm not that terrible of a person, no matter how I look on paper, but don't fall in love with me. Loving a free thing is pointless and will only end in heartbreak. I wish I could give you more advice but I'm so exhausted right now I can't see straight.

Love, Amarie

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