Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 5 My dreams

Dear Dreams,

I know you, I know what I want; and I make it my goal to achieve you. My bucket list will be completed eventually, I plan to accomplish that. I promise to follow and fulfill you as best I can. I know the big one of Med school is the hardest for me to follow, and I bounce around with whether or not I'll go, but I believe it will mean more to me to accomplish that then whatever else I'd choose to do instead and therefore I will try my best to make that my ultimate goal right now. I constantly decide I can't accomplish you because there's so many of you and they're all complicated, as are my ambitions and I need to have more self confidence with that, I hope to someday lean back in my rocking chair and be able to say: "welp my dreams all came true, I did everything I wanted to, went everywhere I wanted to go and met all the people I could and yes it was hard work but its worth it now". I have the drive, I know I can do it, I'm more motivated then ever right now in my life.
In regards to my daydreams, I let my mind drift to all those scary and elusive "what ifs" my life could hold. I know you're in my head and shouldn't convince myself of false realities even when it seems easier. You're not real, and I need to face reality and not lie to myself about who I am, how I process things, or what I feel. I think you help me create false emotions and mess with my heart and my head. You cause me to over think most everything in life and I will choose to ignore you as best I can.

Love, Amarie

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